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Our staff at 360 Wildlife Control is able to effectively and safely remove squirrels from your Markham residence. We are fully experienced and understand the squirrels nesting habits including their seasonal behaviors. By utilizing this knowledge we are able to remove them without harming a single animal. If you have a problem with squirrels in the Markham area, please do not hesitate to call us.

Where Do Squirrels Typically Nest?

If a squirrel can’t find as suitable tree to nest, they will look for an attic. An attic is high and warm which is a perfect place for their nest.

What Threats Do Nesting Squirrels Pose?

  • Squirrels are able to chew through wood, aluminum and plastic
  • If they are inside your home, they can chew on wires, insulation and other parts of your attic
  • If a mother squirrel feels like her babies are in jeopardy, she will become defensive and attack
  • Their droppings can transmit disease which pose a health risk to humans

How Are Squirrels Removed?

One common way of removing a squirrel is by using a one-way door. This one-way door system allows the squirrel to leave the entry hole but will not let it go back in. Once the squirrel has left the residence we will then seal your roof to prevent future e-entry attempts.

If there are squirrel babies, they must physically be removed to ensure their safety. They are then placed in a “baby box” where they can reunite with their mother.

Call us today at 1-866-650-1811 to schedule an appointment for squirrel removal in Toronto. We will dispatch a wildlife control technician to your home within 24 hours of your call. You can also ask us a question via our convenient message form on our contact page.

Damages caused by squirrels

Squirrels if not removed can cause a lot of damage. Squirrels can chew through wood, plastic and aluminum. The attic environment is an ideal nesting location. It’s high, dry and warm. Heat coming out of your attic attracts squirrels. They start investigating your roof and, in little time, start chewing at a roof vent or a soffit to make their way inside the attic. They can chew and damage roof vents, roof pipes, soffit, or the roof line and access your attic. While inside they remove insulation, chew wiring, urinate and defecate. Squirrel Control is way harder when they are already settled in, especially if they have babies.

Spotting Squirrels

With their long bushy tail and exceptional balance at dizzying heights, squirrels are easy to spot. Their versatile, sturdy claws are perfect for climbing to their tree top homes and digging in the earth to bury food for winter survival.

What they Eat

Squirrels rely on nuts, seeds, conifer cones, fruits, fungi, and green vegetation. They also love bird seed and are notorious raiders of backyard birdfeeders.

Where they Live

Squirrels prefer their nests (or “dreys”) to be up high in trees. If the perfect spot isn’t available, they’ve been known to find spot in attics and chimneys.

Life with Humans

Squirrels can cause major damage to siding, insulation, and electric wiring. Mother squirrels are extremely protective of young and have been known to attack people and pets if threatened.


What can you do to prevent squirrel problems?
• Eliminate bird feeders, which are a major food source for squirrels in residential areas
• Trim tree branches that overhang roof of house

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