Skunk Removal

Get Safe, Effective Skunk Removal in Toronto

At 360 Wildlife Control, we respect wild animals—even skunks. Through our years of experienced we have developed a method to quickly remove skunks without smelly incidents.

We understand that seeing a skunk near your property can be frightening. If you notice a skunk near your home or business, call 360 Wildlife Control to schedule a skunk removal in Toronto.

canstockphoto4495711Where Do Skunks Tend to Nest?

Skunks feel right at home in urban areas like Toronto. They love to eat garbage, compost, and even neglected pet food. These sources of food attract skunks to homes and businesses.

Skunks are not good at climbing therefore they tend to stay low. But they are extremely good diggers and can burrow under sheds and decks to build their nest.

What Threats Do Skunks Pose?

Mother skunks are extremely protective of their young. Skunks can spray up to 15 feet. If this spray gets in your eyes, it can burn and even cause temporary blindness.

The foul odour is also a mark of territory. The horrible odour around your home will persist until the skunk is removed.

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Spying a Skunk from a Safe Distance

The skunk’s unique glossy black fur and distinctive white stripe are eye-catching for a reason! Skunks can spray their pungent odour up to 15 feet, using glands located below its tail. The spray can even burn an attacker’s eyes, causing temporary blindness.

What they Eat

Since skunks are omnivores, they’ll feed on almost anything – rodents, worms, insects, grubs, carrion, garbage, compost, and neglected pet food.

Where they Live

As notoriously poor climbers, skunks are attracted to low spaces under porches, sheds or piles of wood, rocks or debris.

Life with Humans

Most of the time people will tend to run into a skunk during dusk, as they are twilight animals. A skunk can have 4-7 kits per year and are extremely protective of their babies. If threatened they may spray.


Skunks are not good at climbing therefore you should down a backyard buffet:

  • Store garbage in bins or boxes
  • Store garbage in a garage or basement until pickup
  • Fit garbage cans with tight lids

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